The team members here at Vanvoice are sports betting enthusiasts. Through our work here at Vanvoice, we aim to be able to improve the winning chances of sports better by writing about sports updates and tips.

However, we are by no means the sole authority on everything sports betting. In fact, no one person can be that for any field. Different people can learn the same thing. However, their understanding, experiences, and perspectives may differ.

This is why one of the best ways to improve your knowledge on anything, including sports betting, is by reading different blogs.

Check out these great blogs that you should learn from.


OptaPro is actually a sports database that includes most if not all information regarding several sports. Apart from that, they have developed several pieces of software that analyze the games, the teams, and the chances of each.

In short, this blog is all about scouting. Apart from the sports betters, coaches and analysts can use these pieces of information to better their game and even to increase their chances of winning their bets.

Most of their blog posts end up comparing two teams. These teams are compared and based on their statistics, they see who will be winning.

Apart from that, they also analyze key updates in a team such as when a player leaves and its impact on the team.

The blog also has forums, debates, and films that you can watch to better you understanding.

Chance Analytics

This specific blog is focused more on one sport: football. Chance Analytics describes it self as a think tank devoted to football analysis and analytics.

Apart from articles on analytics, this blog also has articles about certain strategies that teams can use as well as other articles relevant to football.

The good thing about this blog is that it accepts articles from anyone who wants to submit. This means that there are so many points of view that go into this site. All you need to do is pick.