Interesting History and Facts About US Sports Betting

Sports betting has played a big part in the United States. Despite its importance though, it has been banned. What happened to sports betting in the United States? And how does it stand now?

This article will talk briefly about the interesting history surrounding sports betting in the United States, as well as some cool facts to accompany it. Let’s begin.

A Brief History

As mentioned before, sports betting has been with the United States for a while. It began at around the time of the revolutionary war. At the time, the English brought the concept of racehorses from across the pond.

Fast forward a couple hundred years and horseracing became more organized throughout the country. By this we mean, it became a huge money machine with betting.

When the 1900s rolled by though, it was banned. However, the concept of sports betting continued!

The allure of money from successful sports betting was well known. This caused problems as people sought to break sports betting by skewing the results of several events. This was the rise of game fixing.


Due to this, the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was done in 1992. Most if not all states couldn’t do sports betting anymore.

Now though, the supreme court ruled that PASPA was infringing the rights of the states. States are now rushing to write their laws and proposals to legalize sports betting again. It is coming back in a big way.

Harder to Game Fix

Researchers and sports gambling experts in the United Kingdom have stated that it is now much harder to fix games.

In the 60s, it was very common to fix football matches. However, this has gone away. They attribute it to the legalization of sports betting as well as the monumental increase in player’s salaries.

They go on to say that it will be the same in the United States. First it is because of the tight scrutiny that game fixers will be under as well as the repercussions accompanying it. They also point out that if someone were to fix a game, they would most likely do it in the Caribbean or somewhere where they won’t be scrutinized all that much.

These are only a few interesting facts about sports betting. While more people begin to cultivate the habits common to successful betters, we at the Vanvoice team hope that the history accompanying sports betting is understood and that the mistakes of before are not repeated.


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2 Traits Common in Successful Betters

You’ve all seen those books about the habits of successful people. One example is “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen Covey. In it, Covey discusses what traits successful people share with one another in the hopes of getting others to follow in their footsteps and be great themselves.

In much the same way, successful sports betters also share several traits that are common with one another. We at the Vanvoice team hope that you faithful readers can learn about these habits and emulate them too to become successful betters.

Here are two common traits found in successful betters.

watching tv

Interest and Knowledge in Sports

Even if a person doesn’t exactly know what is going in certain sports, it is easy to bet. After all, it takes is to have money and select a specific team or individual to win a game or match.

However, knowledge and interest in sports can go a long way. In fact, this can be stated as the foundation of all successful sports betters.

The knowledge in the sport of your choice allows you to understand the little things that may affect the winning chances of your bets. You will be able to understand how a change in the lineup, a change in preparations, or how some statistics can impact how the event unfolds.

Thus, you come out a more educated better.

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Emotional Control

Successful betters can better control their emotions. Let’s take an example to better illustrate this point.

Everyone who watches sports keenly has a favorite team or fighter. Have you ever experienced an instance wherein you cheer for your team no matter what? Even if the outcome is bleak, you cheer them on.

While the loyalty is admirable, it is no place for professional betters.

A professional will understand that there are certain factors that can affect the outcomes of the events. These factors are what the successful betters look at, and not at their biases.

Successful betters must be able to control their emotions and just look at the cold hard facts and statistics that may impact their wagers.

These common traits found in successful betters are worth emulating and working towards. They are sort of a roadmap for the habits that you should be building towards a successful sports betting career.


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